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Re: Most of My Sites Won't List!
From Drew on 31 December '97 at 18:30
adding to Most of My Sites Won't List! posted by Drew

I got it! The problem was that the first page was done in frames and the frame called index.html did not contain the meta tags. This happens in NetObjects Fusion, and can be manually rectified by copying the tags in the Body_Index.html file over to the Index.html, and don't forget the title too, (for Yahoo)- hey, that rhymes.

You can also just avoid frames on the first page. Does FrontPage suffer from this problem?

I could not have solved this problem without the tool on the cool tools page. I learned more about what works and doesn't work in two nites with it then the last 12 weeks trial & error.

thanks Jim

>I think this is because my hosting service is doing Virtual Hosting. I have an expert account and my own domain name but the domains that I create under mine do not show up on the search engines (or leave quickly). I have tried for months! Your Meta Tag tester shows no tags, which leads me to believe that the system is having the same difficulty finding my sites as the spiders. Only my main site gets listed right, and poorly too.

>These include:

>Will Jim's software solve this problem?

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