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Re: problems getting onto Yahoo
From Lorne Coultman MPA,CPA,Fph,RLS on 04 January '98 at 01:32
adding to Re: problems getting onto Yahoo posted by Marie Arakaki on 17 October '97 at 04:51

I guess it maybe is beginners luck but I
tried once and within 5 days I was on Yahoo.
I'm new to the internet so maybe you are
talking about something that is way above
my head.I just checked tonight and my URL
was #1 under the Web Site Category I
wanted to be under. Bye the way I am so
glad that I found this Web Site because
now there is a number of things that I
want to change on my site. Any ideas on how
I can get more people to my site would be of
great help to me.

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