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WARNING! Hot Metal Pro editer messes up Meta Tags!
From Joyce Moss at Denon & Doyle mobile disk jockey company on 06 January '98 at 14:14
Jim, the Promotional Artist Professional Software is a delight, but with out one of your free links to a valuable tool, I could have just lost all that good work!

Your free on-line tutorial helped me discover a problem I did not know I had: and others of you could have this same hidden problen. All the metatags in all my sites were constructed, checked, and double checked [both in HTML Pro editer and a plain text editer] and looked fine. ...However, when the Meta Medic [from your 'OnLine Tools' page] checked them, NO Meta Tags were recognized as present!

The Hot Metal Pro html editer adds an empty line after 'META NAME' that is not easily seen when viewing code, but makes the tags not show up to search engines!

It took a while to figure out what was wrong because it was not readily visible. Each web page has to be taken into a plain text editer and the empty space deleted on each Meta tag before posting--and then Meta Medic can recognize the tags.

This is a warning: check your meta tags in Meda Medic after using a html editer to make sure the editer does not mess up the Meta Tags, or all that good work we put in can be for naught.

Here is a demonstration that it is the html editer that is the culprit:
www.djay.com, the index page, was posted after the extra space was deleted in a plain text editer. The same page was then brought up in Hot Metal pro and saved [without making any changes] and posted as http://www.djay.com/tagtest.html.
Look at the source code -- the space is now back and Meta Medic does not recognize any meta tags.

Hope this is helpful to someone.

Joyce Moss

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