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METAs again!
From John on 06 January '98 at 14:17
Brilliant site, Jim, I'm learning a lot. I want to understand a couple more things before I try this stuff for real. Apologies if you have done this to death already, I missed it.

In your FAQ page a reader suggests all META keywords should be uppercase, so you don't miss any requests. Also, one of your recent correspondants makes a point about spaces between commas and the next keyword being regarded as a character by engines.

So, in your opinion, which of the following META keywords examples will return more "hits" on a search for, say, Star Trek, and why?

1. "Picard, Klingon, Data, Enterprise, Phaser"


I want to understand this as well as possible before I submit pages to engines, then have to wait weeks/ months before I can fix a bad submission.

Thanks for the interesting site, all very interesting to an Internet Virgin.


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