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Re: METAs again!
From Jim on 06 January '98
adding to METAs again! posted by John

>So, in your opinion, which of the following
>META keywords examples will return more
>"hits" on a search for, say, Star Trek, and

>1. "Picard, Klingon, Data, Enterprise, Phaser"


None of the above. 'Star Trek' doesn't match
any of the above keywords. A better example would be:

Search string: Star Trek


star trek
Star Trek

In this example, Star Trek would be the most
powerful because it matches not only the string
but also the case.

The question you should ask yourself is this:

"Will users search Star Trek, STAR TREK or star trek?

The answer, of course, is star trek - all lowercase.
That's why you should always use lowercase
keywords in your META tags.

Now I'm off to update the FAQ...

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