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From Andrew Harris at Robert's Hot Tubs on 07 January '98
adding to Re: META tag "GENERATOR" posted by Jim

interesting, i was about to comment on the same subject and here it already is *L*

anyway, I have a "friend" that npticed the same thing and did a little experimenting. He mirrored a site (ie. 2 sites exactly the same), one was hard coded and the other was done with FrontPage. The one done with FP didnt need or use any of the FP front ends. sure enough, after regestering them both, the one written with FP came up FIRST in the search engines, the one that was hard coded, well it came up 17th.

mind you im not a fan of MS, but after spending months writing my web site with FP i was rather devestated to find that perhaps the use of FP would cause me to loose any listings in the search engines (ps. you never mentioned this durring our consultating). perhaps the use of FP, without the need for any of the front ends is a good thing

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