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Re: WARNING! Solution to Hot Metal Pro Meta Tags problem
From Joyce Moss on 08 January '98
adding to WARNING! Hot Metal Pro editer messes up Meta Tags! posted by Joyce Moss

(snip)> Jim's free on-line tutorial [Online tools, the fun stuff] helped me discover a problem I did not know I had: the Meta Medic check showed NO >Meta Tags present!

The solution is simple once you know how to fix it; but you have to *know* there is a problem before you can look for a solution: Therefore, this warning is still valid!

The lines are broken because they are longer than the maximum characters allowed per line and the solution is to change the default maximum line length value to a higher number. In Hot Metal pro 3.x this option is not on the regular options menu but is burried under Special - Options - Save - Max length. In Hot Metal pro 4.x this option is under Tools - Options - Layout.
Changing this option to a higher number prevents the META tag from being broken, and the Meta Medic utility now recognizes them.

Joyce Moss

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