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Re: Beware of Internet Explorer 4.0
From Jochen Binikowski on 09 January '98
adding to Beware of Internet Explorer 4.0 posted by Steve Senes

When I read this incredible story of IE 4.0 I feel my policy in using computers is maybe not as bad as many of my friends are saying.
I am a businessman and my PC is a tool that helps me to make things easier and faster. Not for creating headache and waste of time and money. Do you know what softwares I am using since years without any problems: WIN 3.1, CorelDraw 3.0, Word 6.0, Excel 4.0, paintshop shareware and OPEN ACCESS 4 (Database DOS program). My browser is IE 3.0 with disabled JAVA. That's all. These programs are doing all jobs I need. Sorry for "Mr. Bill" and others who make their fortune in brainwashing and bullshitting the paying public!

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