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Re: Do sub-page names / image names
From Jim on 10 January '98
adding to Do sub-page names or image names weigh in with the deep search engines? posted by Nicholas

>Does "www.boats.com/boats.html" rank higher
>in the deep search engines than

All other things being equal, yes. It's low
priority compared to, say, page TITLE but it
does have some weight - even on Yahoo, believe
it or not.


>Would the presence of this link move the
>index.html page higher?

No. Deep engines can't tell the difference
between a home page and a sub page, they're
just URLs and one listing would have no effect
on the other.

>Would the title move the subpage higher,
>assuming the sub-page was separately listed?

Of course. A subpage TITLE is just as important
as the home page TITLE. Put different keywords
into the TITLEs of all of your pages for the
best results.

>Does an image file "www.boats.com/images/
>boats.jpg" move your page above image
>file "www.boats.com/images/hobiecat.jpg,"
>when used as a link in a listed page?

An image filename is very low priority, but
an ALT tag can have some effect.

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