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Search engines penalizing body spamming
From Jim on 10 January '98
adding to REPOST: Can we have more specifics on search engines penalizing body spamming? posted by Nicholas

>I'm going to tailor my site to each search
>engine before submitting.

>So - of the big 6 or 7 - which will penalize
>repeating META Keywords in the body, a la:
>(!-- [META keywords] --)

The strictest, when it comes to repetition,
is Infoseek. If you stick to 3 repetitions max
you should be OK no all of them. Any more than
this and the penalties take the form of lower
relevancy. When you start using 20+ repetitons
that's when the search engine admin people
start getting interested and your whole site
(or even your entire domain) runs the risk of
being blacklisted.

If you intend to really get down to the nitty
gritty, the best technique is to test the
keywords you intend to target on each engine,
one by one. Then take a close look at the code,
TITLEs etc. of the top listings to see how they
got there, then improve on what they've done.
Then the day after you've done that successfully,
somebody else will come along and do the same to

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