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Scamming Yahoo - in your dreams
From Jim on 10 January '98
adding to Scamming Yahoo (perhaps) posted by Andrew Harris

>As i understand it (from Jim himself) , you
>can only get listed in 2 Yahoo catagories.

No, that's wrong. You can only ASK for a maximum
of two, but what you ask for and what you get
from Yahoo are two often unrelated things.

For example, I once asked for one category for
Clearly James Glassblowing - and was given three.
On the other hand, it's more common to ask for two
and get only one.

>But, what if you mirror a site using different
>domain names......Could you get a listing
>in more catagories ? And if so, could you
>get away with only mirroring a small part
>of the original site, then linking it back
>to the "main" site ?

The Yahoo submission process is run by humans.
VERY SMART humans. They know more scams than
you've had hot dinners. If your "mirror" page
even remotely resembles your original one don't
even bother trying to submit it, new domain
name or not.

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