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Re: Beware of Internet Explorer 4.0
From Joyce Moss at The StoryTeller's Page on 10 January '98
adding to Re: Beware of Internet Explorer 4.0 posted by Jochen Binikowski

>When I read this incredible story of IE 4.0 I feel my policy in using computers is maybe not as bad as many of my friends are saying.
>I am a businessman and my PC is a tool that helps me to make things easier and faster. Not for creating headache and waste of time and money. Do you know what softwares I am using since years without any problems: WIN 3.1, CorelDraw 3.0, Word 6.0, Excel 4.0, paintshop shareware and OPEN ACCESS 4 (Database DOS program). My browser is IE 3.0 with disabled JAVA. That's all. These programs are doing all jobs I need. Sorry for "Mr. Bill" and others who make their fortune in brainwashing and bullshitting the paying public!

I'm with you Jochen!
Actually, I installed Win95 because I wanted to be able to use Promotion Artist; but I also kept Win3.11 and do most of my work in that.

The old "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." translates in 'puter talk to 'if it does the job, don't tack on any bells and whistles. hehehe

Joyce Moss

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