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Re: Beware of Internet Explorer 4.0
From Marcus Duffy on 12 January '98
adding to Re: Beware of Internet Explorer 4.0 posted by Joyce Moss

Oh come on! I'm no Microsoftophile, but Win95 is 1000% better than Win3.1 - especially for networks.

I used to used the latest version that Netscape had out - always keeping up to date - but I got annoyed with Netscape 4 crashing out at least 3 times a day. I tried out IE4 with the desktop enhancements and quite liked it. However, they do slow down the system, so I just removed the enhancements with the (very present) Uninstall program and am now happily using IE4 all the time. My fonts are fine too.

I also still use Netscape Gold 3 and Netscape 4 for checking my pages (you gotta do it - there's soooo many ways things can look bad!), but IE4 is my main browser. When Netscape 4 becomes bug free I may consider swapping back, but right now I'm happy.


ps - It might not be broke, but it's crap, so I fixed it. Each to their own tho'.

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