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Re: Beware of Internet Explorer 4.0
From Steve Senes at The OFFICIAL Perfect Tommy Home Page on 12 January '98
adding to Re: Beware of Internet Explorer 4.0 posted by Keith Pettersen

>>I recently installed the software for the Prodigy internet service. (I was taking advantage of some free trial offers before settling on an ISP). Included in the software is Internet Explorer 4.0. Upon completion of the installation, I eagerly launched it, and what to my wondering eyes did appear but a load of garbage looking like it was lifted off of a 1983 Tandy TRS-80! Gone were the smoothness of the fonts. Gone were the brilliant colors, and gone was the speed of my PC! Not liking what I saw, I launched Netscape Navigator, and it too looked like crapola. Getting suspicious, I checked my control panel, and sure enough, IE had infiltrated even that, changing icons, and now appearing was my control panel, on an Internet Explorer background. (I was now completely logged off). So not only does it make the web look bad, but it has made my entire system become a lousy browser...I didn't want that! So, I went to uninstall it....conveniently, there's no uninstall program, so I deleted it through the control panel. Well, it had, again conveniently, attached itself to my registry and the start-up process for Windows, so when I removed Internet Explorer, I also made it impossible to boot up at all! I've heard of trying to corner a market, but this is ridiculous! So if you have a disc containing Internet Explorer 4.0 lying around, do yourself a favor, and let it be a play-toy for your neighbor's dog...it isn't worthy of your PC. Incidently, I am now unable to simply insert the windows95 disc to reload the program...no, that would be too simple. I now have to have my hardrive re-configured, and then re-install Windows. Thanks "Uncle Bill"


>I too upgraded to IE4.0. But I did it directly from MicroSoft. There is an option when you start the installation of IE4.0 that asks you if you want to install the active desktop module. If you answer yes, guess what, windows 95 now looks like a browser!! Other readers beware, active desktop will ssslllloooowwwww your desktop functions dramatically!!!! And everything emulates MicroSoft's IE Browser! You can send and link from any desktop function will full IE functionality. Also, the browser is slow, compared to IE 3.0. My first response was to finally load netscape 3.0 on my machine.
>I am wondering if NetScape 4.0 is going to be slow compared to 3.0. I'm sticking w/ netscape, as IE & MicroSoft can take the deep plunge!

>Keith Pettersen

I am currently using Netscape Communicator 4.0, which includes the latest version of Navigator. This browser is lightning fast. Plus, everything looks more vivid and colorful. I HIGHLY recommend it!

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