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Infoseek "Check Status" Feature
From Jim on 15 January '98
adding to getting banned posted by paul

> I checked my Meta tags and I had a DQ
>because of too many of the same words-( I
>used the Meta checker on Jim's site )
> Now I checked my listing on Infoseek and
>I'm nowhere to be found-
>What I did when creating my tags was: ISDN
>California, Pacific Bell ISDN, Belcore ISDN
>ETC- ( my page is about isdn )
>..Could I have really been banned? If so
>can I get back on by changing the name of
>my dir? ( and correcting the times I use the
>word ISDN in my tags? )

First, use the Infoseek "Check Status" tool:


Then try resubmitting. It's almost instant on Infoseek,
which makes it the ideal engine for "testing"
your tactics. If you don't get listed, try something
else :)

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