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Upper.lowercase, commas, spaces etc...
From Jim on 15 January '98
adding to METAs again and again! posted by Nicholas

>Despite reading your reply to John
>in "METAs again," I remain puzzled.

Probably because I got waylaid on my way to
updating the FAQ. Sorry, it happens to me a
lot :(

>1. What is the whole story on commas,
>phrases, and spaces between words and

If you want to target single words only, then
your META tag doesn't require any commas. These
days single keywords just don't cut it, you're
much better off targeting at least two-word
phrases, which means you should separate each
term by a comma. You can use spaces, or not
(as well as commas), between keyword terms
because they're ignored.

>2. Uppercase/lowercase seems a no-brainer
>if all we need to know is that a lower-
>case search will find any case or case

>The answer is obvious: use all upper-case,
>just in case (moan...).

No. I believe that it's the same principle as
keyword targeting. You should not only target
the keyword but also the case. Since an
overwhelming majority of people will type
lowercase words into the search engine query
box, I believe that lowercase keywords within
your document will therefore bring in more

See the updated http://deadlock.com/promote/pages/faq.shtml#13

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