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Deep Search Engines/Meta Tags and Client Pulls
From Scott Thibodeau at America's Most Referred Realtors on 15 January '98
Hi all,

Hope someone can help me with my situation.
I am the web administrator for a company which surveys
cities within the US for the top 3 Realtor within
each city as chose by their peers. The site backend
is an online database so as soon as you start searching
the site you are within the database.


My situation is this. As we have surveyed a number
of cities within certain states those states should also be available
to a search engine as a separate search. As well as
the cities within that state. If you were looking for
a Realtor in Washington you would type that in: Washington
Realtor Seattle, or something to that effect. I can't very
well include over 400 cities in the index meta tags so here's
what I've done based on the wisdom of Jim here.

I have created a directory for each state and placed
a separate index file within each directory.
The Meta keyword tags will include all the standard real
estate stuff plus the state name, abbreviation and the
cities we have surveyed within that state. The title
will be modified to include the state name. The only text
that will appear on the page will be "Click here for
Real Estate Agents in Washington".

The thing I'm concerned about is this. I have included a
Meta Tag to pull the browser to the actual location of that
state within the database and it is set to send the browser
there after 0 seconds.

Will this affect some of the deep search engines? Will the site
be blacklisted for such trickery? I'm just trying to find some
answers because it is no small task to undertake.

The reason all of this come about is because I
do not believe a spider will actually search
an entire database. Correct me if I'm wrong. Any
help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
and thanks to Jim for the useful information
displayed on this site. Its helped me immensely.


Scott Thibodeau

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