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Re: Does a domain name bring more business? Quick Follow Up
From Scott Thibodeau on 15 January '98
adding to Does a domain name bring more business? posted by Brandon

>Hi there, I was wondering if it is a proven fact or that most people think or know that a domain name brings more people or ptential customers to that site? I got some free space with earthlink but I might get a domain name, I was wondering if a domain name brings more business!

As Joyce stated it's great if you are not satisfied with your current hosting service or if you need to change. I Just wanted to quickly add two other benefits along the same lines as Joyce.

1) Email: Email never has to change either. Just ensure that the company hosting your domain redirects to your proper pop account (real email address)
2) Also to do with email. Have it so that the company hosting the domain sets up a catch all for "Anything"@yourdomain.com. I recently took on a client who is moving his domain over to us and he set up 4 different email addresses for sales, products, tech etc. It all goes to the same email box at the end of the day but his one person company looks like a much bigger organizaition with it.

Just some added points to consider.

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