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Re: Beware of Internet Explorer 4.0
From Scott Thibodeau on 15 January '98
adding to Beware of Internet Explorer 4.0 posted by Steve Senes

I'm glad I am not the only one who has problems with IE4. I wasn't impressed either when it was released as I was working at an ISP at the time in Tech Support. When an Internet Service Provider takes on a new client it seems that they also take on the role of technical support for every single internet related product out there.

I find IE4 to be incredibly slow myself also. Every now and then I'll fire it up to test a site I'm working on and upon clicking on a link it will take forever to begin loading the link. Or it will wait until everything from the current page has loaded before moving on. While its thinking about doing its job I will fire up Netscape, right click on the link in IE4 and copy the shortcut, paste it into Netscape and tada (Insert MS Windows sound), Netscape has pulled up the inteneded link before IE4 can even give me the a message telling me to check with the servers admin to ensure the link exists. Its most peculiar.

I'm not one to bash MS because I do use a lot of their software for work but I think that in their crusade to make everything user friendly they have left out an essential ingredient...CHOICE!

Just another opinion. Love this message board though. :)

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