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Re: Open Text (who?)
From John on 15 January '98
adding to Open Text (who?) posted by Jim

Thanks Jim. ...I knida already have but it was good to here your answer as well.

I appreciate it

>Open Text has kind of missed the boat. For a
>long time it was not receiving submissions at
>all (I used to call it 'Closed Text'). Then
>they finally opened again, but there still
>seem to be some teething problems, with messages
>like this:

>"All Open Text Index Servers are Busy Currently,
>there are no servers available to process your
>request. Please try your request again."

>Nobody ever talks about it either, it's quickly
>becoming an also-ran, like the ill-fated WWWWorm.

>My advice is to forget about it and concentrate on
>the others.

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