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FrontPage97 and META tags
From Roger at Musicians WebSearch Classifieds on 16 January '98
Lotz of great info on your site. It's given me some excellent suggestions to get more traffic to my site (I currently average over 100 visitors per day).

However, I noticed you saying that search engines ignore META tags on websites created with FP97. You said it was because of the FP server extensions. I quietly freaked (I use FP97), then searched AltaVista with my "red herring" keyword, slugbait. All of my pages came up in the search, with the correct META tag description for each page.

Could it be that IIS 2.0 was to blame instead of FP97, and this is no longer applicable since most ISPs have upgraded to IIS 4.0? Or are my pages being indexed correctly because I manually FTP to my server when updating my site, instead of using the "convenient" utilities in FP97?

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