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One more thing Re: Using noframes
From Brian Geverd at Soccer uniforms by Sports Hardwear on 19 January '98
adding to Using noframes content for relevance on Excite etc. posted by Brian Geverd

Also, Lycos does the same thing.

Thanks Jim,

Brian G.

>Exite states on its "how to get listed" page:

>"...your site uses frames, which our spider doesn't index. Using frames allows a Web author to create several windows within the
>main window of a Web page. We suggest creating a NOFRAMES section that
>describes the page. Our spider can access the text in the no-frames
>section and thus index your site."

>My question is:

>In your opinion, could one use a frame set on their lead pages such that one of the frames is negligable ie.
>FRAMESET COLS="1,*" FRAMEBORDER=0 FRAMESPACING=0 BORDER=0, then go about creating a nice relevant page on the main frame and then jam the noframes section full of 10 times the relevant material to increase the relevance on Excite and Webcrawler?

>I'm not talking about spam words, just sheer volume of content... which seems to be what a lot of engines are starting to go after.

>I know this does'nt look all that great for non-frame browsers, but it may be worth it.

>Brian G.

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