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Is Scooter Dead?
From John on 20 January '98
Because I'm still learning about this stuff, and I have no particular business in mind,
I thought I would check out how adult sites go about getting placed highly on the engines,
they being in one business which definitely makes money from the Net. I thought
I would check the source docs of highly listed sites for potential clues as to how they
do it. I started searching with Alta Vista.

I noticed two things.

1. The top rankings break every spamming rule in the book.

2. I noticed the submission dates, a few are 1996, the majority are pre August 1997,
with very few after that.

Did someone stand on Scooter, AV's spider? How come none of these sites are being
automatically revisited every three months, when they would get kicked off?

Any ideas, anyone?

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