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Re: A death warrant from Yahoo?
From Jim on 20 January '98
adding to A death warrant from Yahoo? posted by Nicholas

>(Damn these headlines are good...)

Any headline with 'Yahoo' in it is a real crowd-puller...

>"Use the official business name for the
>title of a commercial site."

>This would seem to be the kiss of death
>for a listing if your company name doesn't
>happen to describe your product.

Yes indeed.

>What to do?


2. Get the company name off the site until
Yahoo has come and gone?

I recommend temporarily changing your home page
to match your (keyword-loaded) Yahoo heading.
I've even had past consulting clients create
bogus graphics for this purpose, to make it look

>I have little idea how
>the Yahoo computer conducts a search within
>its own database.

The 'title' of the listing is the strongest
part, followed by the description. The URL
also features in the Yahoo database, so it
can definitely help your cause to be listed
as http://deadlock.com/hotels/london/vicarage
That's a real URL, I made a home page in that
directory specially for Yahoo.

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