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Jim: there are still questions about Yahoo.
From Nicholas on 21 January '98
adding to Re: A death warrant from Yahoo? posted by Jim

>2. Get the company name off the site until
>Yahoo has come and gone?

>I recommend temporarily changing your home page
>to match your (keyword-loaded) Yahoo heading.
>I've even had past consulting clients create
>bogus graphics for this purpose, to make it look

Yes, I should have noted that I saw that
in your pages. A great idea two years ago.
But "temporarily changing" could now mean
6 months as we wait for Yahoo to index the
(I considered leaving the dummy site up
for as long as it takes, but lack of company
image is likely to hurt the credibility of
the site, and thus sales.)
More after your next comment...

>The 'title' of the listing is the strongest
>part, followed by the description. The URL
>also features in the Yahoo database, so it
>can definitely help your cause to be listed
>as http://deadlock.com/hotels/london/vicarage
>That's a real URL, I made a home page in that
>directory specially for Yahoo.

Ok - but how diligent are the Yahoo surfers?
Will they blindly index a sub-page by itself?
Or will they follow links back up the site? I
assume the latter.
(Certainly going to the new Vicarage
referral page, since you auto-linked them
to the real Vicarage page. Are you saying
there was some danger of Yahoo categorizing
the Vicarage under "Deadlock," and the new
URL somehow impressed upon them that they
should not?)

Plowing on, with that question still
waiting for the light:
If you suggest a page containing no links,
will they blindly index it, or do the
logical thing and go to Location:

If yes to THAT, then should I make an entire
dummy site, eliminating all references to
the company name, and removing the links to
the "company information" page, then going
back after indexing and re-doing the listed
dummy pages?
(I suppose I could lead them to the dummy
site with www.ourcompany.com/home.html,
hoping they figured I was too dumb to make
the home page "/index". This would still
leave the real site as
www.ourcompany.com/index.html, giving the
search engines something to chew into.)

The brain spirals into madness - but where
the subject is Yahoo, the credo must be
"No mercy."

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