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Re: Keywords submitted to search engines via FTP
From Jim on 25 January '98
adding to Keywords submitted to search engines via FTP posted by Rob Stuart

>One of our competitors has submitted his key words
>(150 of them) to Infoseek via ftp.

Infoseek (or any other search engine) doesn't
have an FTP site to upload to, you'll have to
give more details so I know what you're talking

>Does the Spider software do much the same?
>ie submit keywords via ftp directly into the
>robot's text.

You can write a robots.txt file that tells the
robot how to index your site, to a certain degree.
See http://altavista.digital.com/av/content/addurl_exclude.htm

The registered version of Spider creates
keyword-loaded pages that you upload to your
server to give you high listings for certain

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