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Re: Keywords submitted to search engines via FTP
From Jim on 26 January '98
adding to Re: Keywords submitted to search engines via FTP posted by Rob Stuart

I don't know where you got the idea of all this
skulduggery, but it's non-existent. Here's a
paragraph taken from your email to me:

"Search for : south african real estate They are listed 1 and we are 2
real estate in south africa They are 7 and we are nowhere

If you check their main page and its code you will see only a few keywords
listed. This would indicate that they must be using some alternative method of
promoting their site with the search engines."

The home page of your competitor's site has the
<TITLE>south african real estate<TITLE>
which is a perfect match for your search string, so
obviously that's the reason it's at the top of the

This "keywords via FTP" thing is a figment of your imagination.

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