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infoseek... metas vs. content
From Brian on 27 January '98
A friend of ours is a doctor that has a new site for his
practice. We are massaging his meta tags to boost his ranking
and have been testing on Infoseek. Oddly enough, we
can never seem to get him past the third page (#23 or so).

Now we realize that his page is actually #2 for the sites that use
meta tags! The prior 21 documents are lengthy .html documents / articles that
don't have metas...just loads of content.

Whats the moral of this story Jim?

1.Don't use metas on Infoseek postings?
What's odd is the fact that we use metas on our submissions to infoseek and
we post #1 on a number of keywords.

2.Or, don't use metas for clients that are in industries ie. medicine,
where meta tagged documents (ie. sites for commercial clinics) are competing for
relevance against content documents (ie. articles from the American
Cancer Society)

Thanks Jim!

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