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Re: Some contradictory statememts about Yahoo.
From Jim on 04 February '98
adding to Some contradictory statememts about Yahoo. posted by Nicholas

>If I understand correctly, you've said at
>one time or another that:

>1. Yahoo will only index the main page of
>a site (albeit possibly in several ways)

>and 2. Yahoo surfers never go back to
>re-index a site.

>Both do not seem to be possible. There are
>companies that have many, many pages indexed
>by Yahoo, some of them old, and some recent.
>Nolo Press has hundreds of Yahoo listings.
>(For that matter, you once wrote of Yahoo
>indexing your SVList page, and I see it on
>Yahoo now.)

>Either they are submitting sub-pages, or
>Yahoo is coming back to their site

>What say you.

OK, fair comment. However, this site is geared to
mere mortals, not the likes of Nolo Press who
a) probably pay Yahoo a lot of money for banner
advertising and b) have a huge site with major
areas of content which Yahoo considers worth pointing
out more than a few times.

This backs up my theory that you should write
lots of info. Who knows, one day you might have
enough info on a topic to get several listings
in various Yahoo categories. If you can convince
them your new sections are worth a new listing
then you can be sure you well deserve it.

Getting any Yahoo listing is like getting an award.

On the topic of revisits: the Yahoo staff will never
revisit a site without a specific invitation, and
even with an invitation, the jury is still out on
whether they bother visiting all the submissions they

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