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Infoseek & Promotion Artist problems
From Nitish Jain at Internet 3000 on 05 February '98
Hi Jim,

I seem to be having no luck with infoseek at all and promotion artist is not helping either ! Maybe, I am doing something wrong ?

I have a page http:///www.gazebo-group.com/index7.htm

This page is titled "bicycle manufacturers" and the whole page is targeted for only "bicycle manufacturers"

Yet, when in infoseek I search for "bicycle manufacturers" the page fails to show up anywhere in the first 50 ... infact I havent been able to find it at all though I have confirmed it has been indexed...

What am I doing wrong? I am sure the Promotion Artist works great ... and I dont think I am spamming either to get penalised ... so what cud be wrong?

Thanks a million


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