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Whats the logic ?
From Nitish Jain at http://www.i3000.com on 06 February '98
Hi Everyone,

I was submitting www.gazebo-group.com to infoseek and wanted to target "bicycle manufacturers"

I wasnt doing that well so I thought I wud run a search and check out what listings come up on top..

The #1 listing was a very small page with no content (hardly) and the regular tricks such as title, meta tages and heading ... I copied that page and just changed the links to my own site ... I then uploaded to infoseek..

However, That website shows a relevancy of 85% and comes up right on top whereas mine shows a relevancy of 40% and is lost somewhere ... the point is, the are exactly the same pages with the same content and tricks...

So whats the logic ??



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