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It's going on two weeks...any suggestions other than patience?
From Frederick Woodruff on 09 February '98
Howdee Gang:

I'm still not finding my web
site listed on any of the search engines.
Any idea what the "average"
wait time is. I moved my site
from Geocities to my new ISP...
and I was wondering, regarding
Geocities, if that would explain why
I ALSO never could find my site listed anywhere.
Didn't I read somewhere on this board
that Geocities sites wouldn't appear
in a search? That certainly was the case
while I was using their hosting service.
But now I am, not only rambling here :) , but
hoping to circumvent the problem and
get listed this time around. Any and
all feedback is welcome. Please respond
to my email address AS WELL as the board


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