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did ya regester it ?
From Andrew Harris at Robert's Hot Tubs on 09 February '98
adding to It's going on two weeks...any suggestions other than patience? posted by Frederick Woodruff

i know its a dumb question, but did you ? i was on infoseek in a couple hours, hot bot in 2 days.

And heres the big question; DID YOU BUY JIM'S "THE PROMOTION ARTIST" ????

No? Well GO buy it ! It's easy and it works great.....Your E-mail will be filled with letters of submition conformation.

Beside, you think Jim really does this for free ? *L* HEY, he is the PROMOTION GURU ! get the program, study this site, use the program, come up number 1.

I did, had to make my secretary full time instead of part time just to answer the e-mail (no joke).

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