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Re: did ya regester it ?
From Frederick Woodruff on 10 February '98
adding to did ya regester it ? posted by Andrew Harris

Yeah, it is a dumb question. Yes, of course
I registered it.

Did I buy Jim's book? Now there's a nonsequitor for ya? I'm
sure the book is fabulous, and I love his incredibly
informative web site, but, no I didn't buy the book
and I don't see how that's relevant to what I'm asking
about having registered on over 12 search engines and
not showing up on any of them yet. Even after I received
the notice back from HotBot saying that they'd
received my URL; I've yet to see anything when I run
a search.

I'f his program worked on a Mac I'd probably check it out...but, alas...

No joke.


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