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Re: The use of shtml. extensions.
From Jim on 11 February '98
adding to The use of shtml. extensions. posted by Nicholas

>I gather you use .shtml extensions because
>.html extensions cause problems with SSI
>calls from tracking scripts (and not just

To be more precise, servers usually REQUIRE
.shtml extensions for SSI calls.

>There are two minor problems with that:

>1. Most computers are only set up to
>recognize .htm and .html as .html pages;
>when the user goes to look at his files,
>using his browser, he won't see an .shtml
>file in the dialog box. It's at least a
>bit of aggravation to keep selecting
>"show all files," and some users don't
>know how to do that - much less change the
>file associations, or use a "Find" function.
>Thus a certain number of saved files will
>be "lost" on computers.

True, but a user who knows how to save Web pages
to their hard disk will usually also know how to
view the non-standard extensions. Novices will
simply bookmark the URL.

>2. .shtml doesn't look all that good.

>Any alternatives?

Well, there's the problem: there is no alternative
unless you can persuade your hosting service to
allow SSI calls in .html documents, which they won't
because it would put unnecessary strain on the system
(it's rather complicated to explain in detail).

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