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Re: "revisit after" Meta tag
From Chris Jones at Link Me - Web Site Design and Promotion on 14 February '98 at 15:51
adding to Re: "revisit after" Meta tag posted by Jim on 02 October '97 at 18:15

I saw this being done on Yahoo's Page so I started using it and now I can change some stuff on my site and the change is recognized by Engines I about the time that I specify....It works great!!

>>I've used your ideas on web promotion with
>>great success. I received an email telling
>>me about a "revisit after" meta tag that is
>>supposed to tell the search robots to come
>>back after a certain amount of time (what
>>ever you type in) and possibly re-index
>>your site. I was wondering if you suggest
>>this, or is there something I should be
>>aware of?

>That's a new one on me. My first reactions are:

>a) You ain't gonna get a search engine robot to
>revisit more often with a little META tag, only
>*less* frequently than the default.

>b) Even if it does exist, it's unlikely to be
>supported by more than one search engine, if any.

>I'd be interested in the source of this email.

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