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Re: Amazing Altavista (I'm Confused)
From Chuck on 16 February '98
adding to Re: Amazing Altavista (not really) posted by Jochen Binikowski

I've been told that you should submit often especially to Alta Vista. But if I keep resubmitting my self am I putting myself further down the list?

>>notice the dates at the end of each listing ? thats the last time the alta vista robot was there, AV gives higher relevance to OLDER pages and currently the ones listed before you are older.

>> hmmmmm, I wonder what would happen if "someone" resubmitted thoses older listings of your compitors ? *LOL*.............(i did it and my site went from #7 to #1 - #9)
>Hi Andrew,
>thanks for that idea. I'll check it out. Best Regards from the Philippines, Jochen Binikowski

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