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Re: Meta Medic says: NO TAGS FOUND
From Joyce at Denon & Doyle disc jockey company on 18 February '98
adding to Meta Medic says: NO TAGS FOUND posted by Drew

>I have tried upper case, upper lower, and other tricks and I can not get the tags to show up. Am I missing something obvious?
>My latest folly is to do upper case on DESCRIPTION and KEYWORD. No improvement. I started out with the standard format of upper and lower case:
>META Name="description" CONTENT="...
>META NAME="description" CONTENT="...


>Any ideas? Am I missing some closing bracket or quotation mark? I'm stuck.

see message 378 and response right under it: 397

either a space or a return was added to the meta tag line by my html editer that caused the tags not to appear in meta medic; when the space/return was removed, the tags showed up.

We are using virual hosting, and the tags all show up once the 'extra space' problem was orrected.

Joyce Moss

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