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Everything Screwed Up
From Walter Tate at IVWA on 20 February '98
Last week our ISP informed us that he was changing service
and all customers would be down 24 hours. This ISP also hosts our web site.
That 24 hours turned into four days during which our site disappeared from the web.
We were given the reason that internic had some problems and everything had to be re-registered and so forth and so on.
Our linkings fell from 60 to 6 and we completely disappeared from some engines.
While trying to re-register with several of the search engines, we received message
that they were unable to connect with host.
Meta Medic worked fine for us prior to this incident but now won't recognize our url unless we enter IP address.
Could one of you techies explain what is going on or has our isp administrator just fed us a bunch of bull to cover his own screw-up?
Thanks for any help or advice.

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