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Re: Meta Tag Failure. Please Help!
From Steve on 21 February '98
adding to Meta Tag Failure. Please Help! posted by Pedro Castelblanco

>My developer inssists the Meta Tags are fine. But Meta Medic detects no Meta Tags. After weeks of tweeking and reregistering in the engines I still only show up in a couple and only under my name search. Please help me find a solution to being found under key words. Thanks

My experience has been that if you want certain keywords to pull your page to the top you should use just those words. It appears you want hits for half the world. Also, spamming in your keywords meta tag is going to hurt not help. ie: trade, export, america, etc. Surely you don't expect "Beliz" to show a significant relevence in a keyword search out of the zillion you have submitted. I have bumped my position *many* times my resubmitting sites like this. The engines are getting more spam wise every day. I don't know why MM doesn't find your tags, but I can't find any keyword combinations that would find your page. If you make your net too big you don't catch any fish!

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