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Re: Stretching Arms
From Jim on 25 February '98
adding to Stretching Arms posted by Matthew

>So I'm trying to decide... what is best? Pay for a domain name... making it more secure from changes and making it neater & tidier, or use their natural URLs from 3 (or even more) domains giving me an advantage as far as how much more I can submit to search engines... when it comes to pages and subdirectories.

>Jim, any advice on what perhaps you think would be best?

There's absolutely no doubt about the answer
to that - get the domain name!

You have no idea of the hassles involved with
changing and resubmitting your URL not only on
search engines but also links from other sites.
It took me no less than a YEAR to get my Yahoo
listing updated when I got my domain name, and
there are still some sites that are listing my
old address despite numerous requests to update.

There will be a lot of people reading this and
nodding their heads in recognition...

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