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Re: Credit cards
From Baz at Fear Blocking Net travel industry on 12 June '98 at 04:59
adding to Re: Credit cards posted by nnnn

I don't know why you don't have a Pin number for your credit card? But that is your choice...

But FYI - reported today on CNET was the following news (Link at top of this message):


Concern about the security of credit card information transmitted online is the reason most frequently cited for why a majority of travel shoppers do not end up completing a purchase, a panel of electronic commerce experts said.

It also is a totally groundless fear, the panel added.

Last year, there wasn't a single report of theft of credit card information processed using the secure encryption facility built into the two main Internet browsers, Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, according to Terrell Jones, chief information officer of electronic bookings venture the Sabre Group.


Make of it what you will, but I for one am satisified with security for Credit card numbers and regularly purchase products online - and have had no problems at all.

As long as you are sensible about which sites you put you credit card details into. If the site looks dodgy, then you don't have to trust it. It is your choice.

>>>Well, I believe what you are saying about the safty of credit cards numbers at the e-mail when protected by an encrypting program. But the point is that many people who are using the internet are not experts. They believe the stories from the medias. Even me, I do not trust any safty prommisses from whom ever: I do not have even a PIN number for my credit card, I refused that! The only way to avoid trouble in my opinion. Since it is commonly known that banks are closed during night and weekends one can prepare his cash needs during bank hours. In case of emergency there are still EURO-cheques which can be cashed off bank hours at airports etc.
>>help me!!!!!

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