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Consistent failures
From Marcia Purse at Echo's WebMagic on 28 February '98
Has anybody been able to register with Chalen, DINO, Freeisp, Random Wheel, The European Directory, The Linkcenter, The Microstate Network, TooCool, UK Search, US Advertiser, Web Team, Web Trawler, Web Crawler, Web Sprinter, What's New Too, Widow's Web or WXS?

I have been resubmitting to these failed-submission engines for weeks with no success. In most cases the log file says a needed file is not found. The Microstate Network says "Not a valid URL submission." Web Crawler says "The page has moved here." Etc., etc.

On the other hand, InfoHiway and Web Add HAVE been submitted successfully but the software doesn't know it and continues to list them as unsuccessful.

I realize that these are only a few compared to the many submissions that *were* successful, but at this point, when I have 22 failures out of my last attempt, 2 of which were really successful, and only 2 of which errored out for "temporarily busy or lost link" - it would be nice to get some more of those 18 that errored out for problems in the submission destination working.

I am running the latest version of the Spider (downloaded and installed today) through Windows 95, by the way.


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