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Re: we can all IP Freely...
From Andrew Harris at Robert's Hot Tubs on 01 March '98
adding to IP Freely... posted by NightFly ~*

>numbers that look like this ( If you
>happen to know what the IP address I've given
>as an example is, send me a note and I'll scream
>at you.
microsoft personal web server *covering ears*

> If you have a copy of version 1.0a I
>would very much like to speak to you. ~*
not sure the version i have *L*

interesting, i was just about to ask a question concerning this very subject. im in the process of changing servers. currently my site sits on one server under its domain name and has been "submited" as such . but, its also sitting on my new server as just an IP#, any reason i can't "play" with the metas and titles a bit and submit the "new" site as an ip# only and when the domain name is switched over wind up with multipul listings in the deep search engines ? and if so, what kind of time frame should i need so the spiders can crawl the ip site before the domain name is transfered, or does it matter ?and, any ideas on "playing" with the metas and titles ?

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