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hmmmm, too tired to think of something catchy :-)
From Andrew Harris at Robert's Hot Tubs on 03 March '98
well, bored again, so i thought I'd pose an interesting question (ok so some of you are getting tireds of me.....tough)

ok, i kinda understand how the deep search engines work...the relevance of a listing is based upon many different thing...and different thing for different engines......(cowering, knowing Jim is gonna cringe) but, Yahoo ?

is Yahoo in fact a search engine, but the relevance is based only upon the title of your site and the description you provide to them (or the description they decide make up). ?

i get a FANTASTIC listings (almost always #1 or #2) with them for "most" all the search strings i "think" my customers will use. But if i put in words that are relevant to my site but dont exist in the name or descpiption Yahoo has, zip, nada, nothin, nota me anywhere.

So, point being, i understand your advise to keep the description you submit to them under 20 words, but, does the description get shorter as the name of the site gets longer ? (you're following this aren't you)........GET MORE KEYWORDS IN THE SITES NAME......maybe *L*..and forget about useing any words in the description that arent keywords (I'v seen sites come up with descriptions that look like a string of meta keywords.

but does density have a relevance ? ie; if someone searches for "frog" and you have that word in the site name AND description, will you get a better listing ?

i know i know, "its an honor just getting a listing in yahoo", or so iv been told, or beginners luck (eh jim?). but i dont believe it. i think there is a way to get past the "Yahoolagans" and its all in site content and how your site is presented.

well, that takes care of my boredom, and my dinners burning.....thanks Jim

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