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Re: we can all IP Freely...
From Anthony Appleby at soccer world cup on 05 March '98
adding to Re: we can all IP Freely... posted by NightFly ~*

A caution about IP numbers:
It works both ways for some people -
if you register your domain name eg wldcup.com then
when someone hits that link the name has to be looked up
on a 'name server' before it finds the address.
some people have suggested that registering the number (IP)
will get more people to your site and quicker as name servers
are sometimes down.
And as suggested earlier, it may get you multiple entries.

A few cautions about doing the IP route:
First I can't do it because my web host generates "dynamic IP's"
which means in my particular (slightly unusual case) that my IP address,
although it will always be the same to the search engine is actually the IP address
of the machine my site is on and not my own websites address.
My ISP will have several sites (hundreds?) on the same machine and will map
the name to my site automatically.
So basically one IP number refers to many sites.
The long and short of it is that if I register the IP it will link to his home page not mine!

Also, alot of spam and sex orgs use numbers instead of names so people seeing a link to a number
will give it less cred than a respectable name.
But I guess you are thinking that even a few more hits is worth doing it for!?

Good luck
Anthony Appleby
soccer world cup

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