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Re: we can all IP Freely...
From NightFly ~* on 05 March '98
adding to Re: we can all IP Freely... posted by Anthony Appleby

Just to note, I've only seen this in one place, Alta Vista. I think that if it works there it would also work with the other spiderz and robotz but who knows. Originally I was curious if someone had tried this before.

As for your dilemma, are you using a virtual domain? I tried the 'nslookup' trick and couldn't find your site. Are you registered with InterNIC? I believe this actually comes into play when using this technique so if you don't have a registered domain, I don't think it will work.

As for credibility of IP addresses...
The instance I came across were the returns of a search string in Alta Vista. I typed in a number of keywords and received a list of 10 sites. Numbers 2 through 8 all belonged to the same site. They all had titles, they all had descriptions (mostly the same.) The only difference was that some of the listings were just IP addresses while some were actually domain names. This is how the whole thing started. I just wanted to know if anyone had any ideas about this technique.

Thank you for your input. ~*

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