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Re: Search Engine Woes
From Lee at Work@Home on 08 March '98
adding to Search Engine Woes posted by Tina Hartman

>I have tried to get my page registered with the major engines and the only way I have gotten listed on Yahoo and Alta Vista is by pleading and begging via email.
>What gives? Why in Gods name does it take hours and hours to get one lousy site registered? I am thinking I would much rather be spending my time improving my site rather then begging the search engines to be kind enough to list me.
>Help! Why can't I get listed?
>Thanks for letting me rant.

I am having the same problem. I have done every legitimate thing I have ever read about to optimize my pages, but can't get a decent registration, and in some cases ANY registration. When my customers finally find me, they are deleriously happy to learn someone is offering real work at home job listings. But the traffic just trickles in. Pages in the top twenty postions frequently not only have nothing to do with work at home, the phrase doesn't even appear on their pages, (or in their meta tags)! What gives?

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