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pardon my bluntness
From Andrew Harris at Robert's Hot Tubs on 08 March '98
adding to Why am I not getting responses to my page? posted by Ginny Grein

pradon my bluntness, i tend to answer questions when im in a poor mood (or the question is too obvious)

NO ONE IN THIER RIGHT MIND WOULD ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONARE ! (like i said, sorry) it screams to them, GIMMI YOUR E ADDY, I WANT TO BOMBARD YOU WITH E MAIL......try Jims little trick, its on http://www.deadlock.com/promote/promotion/lists.html, put up 1 question and a yes and a no button, when they click you will get and e mail from them, and it will have their e addy on it, im still amazed at the volume of additions i get to my mail list EVERY day, some days it overwhelms me.

good luck :-)

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