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Re: Dynamically Served Pages?
From Steve Braun on 09 March '98
adding to Re: Dynamically Served Pages? posted by Tim Schulte

>Hello -

>I have been using dynamically created pages for months.
>The key is the package you use to create the pages. I
>personally use PHP along with MySql to create all my
>pages on the fly. I have PHP setup so that it parses all
>.html files in my directories. That way I use standard file
>naming conventions. I own a number of sites, and have had
>no problems in getting them listed.

>Tim Schulte

Thanks, Tim. The following is taken from Jim's tutorial: "No CGI

Pages that are generated "on the fly" by server side scripts, like Perl, are ignored by robots and not indexed. If you have a shopping cart program on your site, your product pages are basically banned."

This quote, I believe, comes from the tutorial section on deep search engines. Does it mean then that you can submit to deep search engines and be listed with keywords, and other info that you provide upon submission, but if their robot visits - or attempts to visit - your dynamically created web pages, it cannot find or read them?

Steve Braun

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